Saturday, May 14, 2016


This last week my husband had off. It was a nice change of pace although things didn't go as planned it was still nice spending the week knowing he would be with us. When he took time off I didn't know my schedule for babysitting and forgot about the boys having a dental appointment. In the end it worked out really well. He saw a glimpse into our daily routine while we were still able to work on the bathrooms while the babies napped.

We managed to get both floors tiled and grouted and the new windows installed but hit a few setbacks with installing toilets and the sinks. Some have been easy fixes and others required us to buy a new vanity and toilet... yeah that one hurt a bit but we will be happy once the vanity arrives.

We are no longer a 1 toilet house we have all 3 up and running! The boys bathroom was suppose to be a simple job reusing the vanity, mirror, and toilet but turned into a complete overhaul. The faucet and drain that came with our vanity turned out to be a nightmare to install and once it was found the drain leaked. We gave up for the evening needing a break from the house and went out to have dinner with my in-laws.

We don't celebrate holidays really and Mother's Day wasn't going to be a big deal just eating out and grocery shopping but last minute we had a call that our "3rd" child needed picked up from the airport...2.5 hours away. We loaded up and had about an hour to kill once arriving in St. Louis. Our first trip to Ikea! I'm going against the popular belief that this is an awesome store. While it is nice it isn't my style. My boys on the other hand LOVED it. I think it was the showrooms that won them over. I will admit those were my favorite parts too.

I will get you a detailed update for the bathrooms in June.

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