Friday, April 29, 2016

Bathroom Remodel: Progress

This project started in January with planning and purchasing most of what we needed. We had already done one bathroom and even added a shower so 2 bathrooms should be a breeze right?

Oh so wrong, It has been a struggle keeping up with the unexpected with the remodel but also life. Of course we started out strong, demo took less than a week...Fixing what we found took much longer. When they built this house they cut holes in joists and beams without caring about the support. Well we care and want to do what is right. If you have been following me on Instagram you have seen the slow progress.

Week 3-4 we all started to come down with bronchitis, that took a month to run through each of us. We kept working though and installed the concrete backer board on the floors and around the tub/showers.

Ok so we also spent a lot of time with our "3rd" son/brother fishing and such knowing that he would be soon moving we wanted to spend time with him.

Two weeks ago we started drywalling the rest of the rooms and finished last weekend.

Ceiling and walls have all been primed and have their first coat of paint!

Lights have been hung with temporary bulbs so we can work into the night.

Tile has been installed in the boys bathroom! We did diamond pattern to match the main floor bathroom. Looking forward to grouting tomorrow.

Our bathroom tile has been cut, we are doing a herringbone pattern so we wanted to make as many of the cuts ahead of time. Our goal is to install tonight!

If everything goes right we hope to have at least one bathroom functional by the end of the weekend and perhaps completed by next weekend!  Pictures to come later :)


  1. Remodeling is quite an event. My girlfriend and I had bought a fixer-upper a year ago and went to work remodeling as soon as we moved in. The idea of remodeling sounded great, taking a nice structure and making it ours. But remodeling took a lot longer than expected! Our house is what we wanted no, but it took time.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Sorry I didn't see it until just now. I'm glad that your house is now what you wanted. That is the one thing that keeps driving us through each remodel is making it ours. We may not know what to do when this is done however ;)