Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Costumes

I am a little sad my boys wanted to go more simple this year and be pirates. Yes I could have gone overboard and made them captains or done something more but at the same time if they were happy doing what they did on the ship then I will be happy too. But I thought I would share some of their costumes from the last few years...

Lobster! The cutest lobster I have ever seen

Stormy didn't know what to think of this creature
Dinosaur/Dragon We let him pick out the costume and he often changed which one he was depending on the person asking
 We met up with friends at the mall for their trick or treating. Unfortunately our mall has since stopped having the trick or treat night.
 Ghost, I worked hard on this costume but at last minute he decided not to wear the sheet. Luckily his face was painted and his clothes went well for still being either a ghost or a mime.

 Now with 2 kids we wanted to do more of a family theme, until my husband chicken out last minute ;) This was the point I really started having fun dressing the kids up. Here my oldest is Russel from the movie "UP"
 The youngest was one of Kevin's baby birds you see at the end of the movie.
 Not sure what happened to his eye but by this point he was very mobile and loved getting into the bottom drawer of the oven.
 Russel, Kevin (me), and baby he also carried a tennis ball with him. I also learned that I am allergic to the adhesive used for fake eye lashes. By the end I could barely see.
 We got daddy to wear the dog ears for this picture but that was as far as he would go...
 Last year was one of my favorites. We came up with the idea while walking through Target and just joking. My oldest wanted to be a mummy so we were trying to think of ideas for the younger when we laughed about him being a pyramid. For the next 2 months that is all my oldest wanted to be...
So we made his little brother the mummy. Downtown they have trick-or-treating the Friday before Halloween and they were the talk of the district. There are a few things I would do differently to make the pyramid but for the most part I was very pleased with the outcome.

Looking back through all these pictures especially the last 2 years makes me very happy that I get a break this year. especially with just a week left before Downtown Trick-or-Treating.

Hope you enjoy and any questions just ask.

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