Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weeks 6-10

Yep when we started this project we were one of those people that thought we could get it done in 4 weeks... It is week 10 now and there is still quite a bit to go. Ok ok so we did take a couple weeks off after getting the cabinets installed due to outside things getting so busy and the house needed attention in other areas but lets start back at week 5/6 installing the cabinets.

It really only took a day to do the uppers until we decided they weren't good enough and started from scratch. Unfortunately our helper of the day was headed on a trip so we did it ourselves but it wasn't as bad as we feared. We learned a lot from the first attempt and YouTube became our best friend.

Lowers were much harder because the floor wasn't completely level as well as the cabinets, ESPECIALLY the lazy susan. It came together but the lazy susan was our hangup all the way until the counters were installed.

We also constructed our own kitchen cabinet, from a vanity, for under the sink. It turned out pretty slick and may be our favorite area in the kitchen. My husband used 2x4's to make the base and because we have a vent in the floor made an opening. I think we have more airflow now than we did with a straight vent.

Despite not having counters we moved the appliances back in to make a more functional kitchen! Sooo wonderful to feel somewhat normal. We even hosted a lunch for about 20 people the day before the counters were installed. It wasn't the easiest but we made it. We also finished the under cabinet lighting in time.

Counter tops were installed in less than an hour it took a bit of getting use to, we never saw an actual sample before we ordered. We loved it but didn't know if we loved it with everything else...that was until the backsplash started. It gave us another push to get things done.

Ok so this was a total of 9 weeks. We finished up most of the backsplash but still no plumbing. We wanted to make sure we had another pair of eyes so we waited until my dad could come help. It is truly just finish work now but we know it needs to get done otherwise it will be a long while...