Friday, June 30, 2017

13.1 Miles

In January I signed up for the Go Girl Half Marathon...before I knew I was pregnant. There were four of us who had planned to run together but in the end only 2 of us were able to make it. Total respect for the other 2 knowing when to call it instead of pushing and hurting themselves...possibly something I should have done but I am stubborn.

The race was June 3 and had planned to train all along but morning sickness and exhaustion gave me the excuse not to be diligent until about 10 weeks out and even then I didn't always make my long runs. I tried to follow the same plan that I did 3 years ago when I ran 2 halves...the best part of training was running with my friend Rachel, who I ran with 3 years ago, although she didn't do the race.

During my training I was still going to my CoMo Refit class to help get in other types of cardio and running an average of 6-12 miles a week besides my long runs on Friday/Saturdays. Did I feel ready for the race...NO...did I know I could finish it...YES! I knew that no matter what, even if I had to walk it my plan was to finish and believe me the last 3 miles I struggled to stay in it.

I didn't get to train with my friend Somaly but she was a constant encourager and we were able to run the first 1/2 mile together. Here is a picture before the start.

At the beginning I was pushing myself harder than I should be so I slowed down but kept pushing myself. That morning I knew I wasn't feeling great so I wanted to make sure to take it somewhat easy, which was a good thing. I was never willing to put baby and myself in danger.

My family is the best pit crew! They were willing to get up early on their Saturday and drive around cheering me on!

Giving me things I may have forgotten, like my sunglasses.

And having water on hand. They had plenty of water stations throughout the race but sometimes you need it at points that they don't and while I had a water belt with my tummy I couldn't wear it comfortably. It gave the boys an important job though.

Especially since I don't think they really knew how much it helped me keep pushing. I was terrified of needing to use the bathroom during the race, but I knew it probably would end up happening considering baby had decided around this time that my bladder was a great trampoline. Within the first 6 miles we had already been up some of the steepest hills with very few downhill runs. I knew it was coming up but my stomach was really bothering me by this time. So I handed back my sunglasses, they were fogging up, and my water bottle until the next time I would see my guys, sucked it up and waited in line for the bathroom.

Finally a good downhill stretch before the last 5 which would be pretty flat and my hardest section by far. It was good to see other friends along the way too. It was here that my family realized that they were here cheering on their mom too.

I pushed through and new I had about 2 miles left when I just couldn't run any more. I did not let myself think I was a failure even though it tried to creep in.

At this point I realized how fast I had been going even with bathroom stops if I could push myself into a run I could be done around 2 hours and 15 minutes but I was in pain.

I had passed my last water station, but there were my guys ready to help. A couple running, not apart of the race gave them a thumbs up for being there when I needed them and making sure not to get in the way of other runners.

I walked up until maybe the last quarter mile when I saw the pacer holding the 2:45 sign right behind me...I really thought I was on pace for closer to 3 hours so I mustered up the energy to at least make it look like I had been running through the finish line!

Not only was my family there but Somaly, who placed in her age group, and other friends were there. Vicki has some great pictures of my boys with my medal on her Facebook page.

I was in pain and took a while before I could stand up to take this picture with Somaly.

She also took this picture of me while waiting for the awards ceremony to start.

 This run would not have happened without the support of my husband and boys. Kind of hard to think that I completed 13.1 miles at 22 weeks pregnant in 2 hours and 45 minutes!

Monday after the race I went in for my check-up, it was a great feeling leaving there and having the nurses and doctors come up and saying how impressed they were.

I always thought I did awesome running up until 2 weeks before I gave birth to my youngest boy but didn't do more than a couple I have to say those women out there that do any running or exercising are incredible...Keep it up!