Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quick Update

Here I sit trying to ignore the sound of inning 11 of the World Series as my heart races and stress rises...this is why I avoid watching sports.

First I want to apologize for almost 2 months flying by without even a short post. Not that I haven't thought about it or even sat down to write but my attention was diverted EVERY time. Yellowstone trip post has been in the works but I am waiting to get my watermark on the photos before posting.

We have been hitting the gym hard 4 days a week and trying to stay on track with our eating. Although I notice we have a couple good weeks eating on track and then something happens like a wedding or family in town and those weekends we fail at eating right. Isn't that the excuse everyone makes? October has only had one weekend where we did well and guess what...it was a weekend that we stayed to ourselves doing our normal thing. Not saying that I don't love my family and the visits but during that time I am WEAK.

November is just around the corner and we are headed home to spend Halloween weekend with my parents (2 strikes in one weekend) Then of course we have Thanksgiving at the end of the month...yep must stay strong and work extra hard to avoid the extra pounds.

Speaking of Halloween my post of the boys costumes will be coming soon as well. We have had several trial runs already. I am proud to say that even with my sewing people have been able to identify them.

What are you or your kids dressing up as?

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have at least one more post. Thank you for sticking with me!