Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Ads on Facebook have been popping up for the TYME curling iron straightener for the last few months but it was one of those items that I scrolled past. I have always wanted a large barrel curling iron but honestly didn't know how much I would use it. I used a small barrel during high school to get tight ringlets but my hair was always fizzy and then it was brought to my attention I should straighten my hair first to help. Well it took me about an hour to do the ringlets and at that time I didn't have a straightener. I loved braiding and doing different things with my hair that didn't include coloring or cutting it.

As a freshman in college I had a friend show me how to use just a little gel or moose in my hair to give me my natural curl without excessive frizz. This started the phase of my life where I wore my hair either curly or in a ponytail...whatever was fastest.

College graduation, nearing 1st wedding anniversary.
It wasn't until I was married about that I got my first straightener and it took forever to do my hair, so spending 2 hours on it was not my ideal of quality time.

By the time we were married for 4 years my sister in law introduced me to a new flat iron...the Chi. It cut my straightening down to only 15 minutes! Huge deal for a new mom but I still wanted to have the elegant curls in it. Maybe it is my lack of experience with a flat iron but I couldn't get it to give me any curl except the ends and then at the end of the day when my hair began to take on its curl again.

I wanted a large barrel curling iron but couldn't justify the cost. We have been working on our self esteem (weight loss) this year and when the ad came up again I showed my husband. We did our research, let's face it it's a new company and very few reviews and what is there is all over the place. We went out and priced new straighteners (mine is slowly dying) and a large barrel curling iron. We found that buying both could be close to the same price as the TYME. I still wasn't sure but I saw they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Not only that but if you don't like it they will pay for you to ship it back. 

I decided to take the plunge and purchased it on Saturday it was sent priority mail and should have arrived tomorrow but since I am just a state away received it today (11/18/15).

After making the purchase I prepared by looking at several videos on how to use it because Many commented that it does take time to learn how to use it properly and if you still have issues then you can Facetime or Skype (https://tyme.acuityscheduling.com) the owner Jaycynda Smith to help you.

As soon as it arrived I sent my kids downstairs to play...although they were in my room when I finished (figures), and like a kid on Christmas morning tore into the box.

Quickly tried to sit up a camera to record my first attempt, but failed. Well I managed to capture the first 10 minutes in a silent video. I have to get over hating the sound of my voice to actually talk. I took a shower earlier and let my hair dry naturally...

I don't blow dry my hair because I don't know how. It ALWAYS turns frizzy. Again I think it is one of those things that I probably should invest in one that is more than $10 and yet I'm not willing to unless I can guarantee I'll use it.

What I didn't fail at though was actually getting some curls! It took about 20 minutes and a burnt finger but I managed to get tame curls. I definitely recommend NOT burning your fingers as the iron heats up to 400 degrees. I ended up with a nice little blister.

So since I spent only a short time using it my first time I can't say anything bad. There is definitely a learning curve and remember to take your time, don't squeeze hard, and keep your fingers in the clear would be my advice. Other than that for my first time using it I am happy to go out in public without having to quickly throw it up or redo it. The thing you have to remember is that each person's hair is different so you won't get the same results as me. I can't wait to take it to my sister's at Christmas for her to try. Her hair is completely opposite of mine, perfectly straight, and see if it helps her have curls. My mom's is VERY thick so I'll try it at Thanksgiving and let you know how it works. For now I'm going to keep ice on my finger and hope the pain goes away soon.

I received several compliments on Wednesday night about the fullness and asking more about the TYME

2nd Try 3 days later: After taking a shower I wore my hair in braids until it dried and then attempted to use the TYME on my crimped hair. I may have been rushing it a little but it didn't seem to curl as well. The crimps showed through. I didn't get a good picture but here is one of us freezing at Mizzou's last home game...

I took a HOT shower after to warm up and decided to give another in the morning for church. Which turned out much better. It took around 15 minutes and I didn't burn myself! Still getting a feel for it and trying to figure out technique but I'll let pictures do the talking, let me know what you think!

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