Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No slowing down

People usually make the comment that they need a vacation to recover from their vacation and we are no different except for the fact that instead we come home and jump into another home remodeling project. In April it was the kitchen (almost finished, waiting on glass for the cabinet and the last piece of crown that was missing) this time our basement.
I went through 2 years of photos and couldn't find a picture when we had furniture in here
 When we bought our house this was the most updated section but it had been at least 8 years since it was done so it needed to be refreshed. The carpet was disgusting even before we bought it but we were able to live with it and the paint we liked until we repainted and now it just makes the space stand out so much more. Doesn't seem so dark and dreary.
 We were able to fit most of our furniture in the playroom, the kids had a blast with it. The more fragile things (tv, electronics, treadmill) all went in our laundry/storage room.
Never go into a home especially a previously owned home without expecting a few surprises. One of ours was unexplained settling...until one day we were changing out a light in the basement and realized they had cut out a major support post. So we replaced it and added another. The above pictures are us concealing them again.
My youngest wanted to help so bad but our rule was that they couldn't go where carpet had been pulled up. I had a carpet staple fishhook in my heal twice the night before I left for college.
Although we did make an exception so they could paint a little but there was still carpet on one section of the floor. 

 We painted the walls a lighter shade of green stripped with an off white. The laser level made this go much faster. We also learned a lot on how to choose colors when using the same color in different shades. It took awhile to come up with how we wanted to paint and what colors to use.

We then added the darker green stripe. I think it really helped dress it up.

 Back to ripping up carpet on the stairs. It wasn't terrible except the fact of having to pull out anywhere between 20-100 staples in each stair. I don't know what I would have done without needle-nose pliers. Oh and the fact that we got a call right before I started doing this saying they would be here to install the carpet bright and early the next day. We weren't expecting it for another 4-7 days. So while my husband was at work I made progress on both sets of stairs.

Since we didn't have much time to decide what to do with the stairs before the carpet came we decided to paint the exposed parts white. Since the carpet has been installed we have changed our minds and the top of the steps will be painted ebony leaving the underside white. We also have a new railing but since none of that is done yet I'll wait on revealing.

The finished room before furniture...We are still playing around with everything trying to find the right spot and pictures to hang on the wall. I am thinking about more of a scenic black and white but what are your thoughts?

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