Sunday, October 20, 2013

Homes Tour

Showing and designing homes is ingrained in my blood, it is one of the reasons I became a real estate agent. I grew up in a town full of Civil War history, my family has built/renovated homes, and I love looking at houses. When I was about to graduate college I was scared to death, one day I looked at my husband (we got married a year before I graduated) and asked him what I should do after college. At that time I didn't have a clue, my main reason for going to college was to have a back up plan if something was to happen to him, I really wanted to be a stay at home mom. At this time though we didn't have the finances for that nor kids. Anyway it was the first year that I was asked to volunteer showing homes from the Civil War era and loved it. Dressing up, learning about the house the history and the updates that had or were being done.

I love getting my hair done by my sister, yes I am working at the same time.
My boys were excited to see me and thought I looked like a princess, made me feel good even though I didn't have make up on.
Here I am 8 years later still volunteering for the homes tour and now a real estate agent as well as a full time mom. And when not doing that we get to live the remodeling dream, that is a little sarcastic.

This year we showed the Tilly House, this is a family affair. My grandmother, mother, sister, cousin(sister) and her husband are all volunteers.

This is the first year my sister is back so she decided to watch my boys and do our hair. The kids love her! Can't wait to have her back next year though.

Oh and this year my "niece" joined in the fun, a few years ago my youngest held this roll but he is a little to active now.
Giving a tour through the Blue room and Servants Quarters
They enclosed the back porch and stairwell to make the kitchen
Dining Room
Billiards Room
My mom and I would stand on the veranda and wave as people drove by
Yellow Room
My mother had the yellow room
Blue Room

Servant's room, they added they bay window later so the room was only to the edge of the bed originally

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