Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween to Remember

I know to keep my mouth shut when it comes to telling stories... remember the Disney World trip where my sister in law told us about her son getting sick when staying at the same hotel we were to be staying at and then both mine followed suite?
It started last Wednesday when the little boy I watch got sick. We all thought he either choked on food or bad reaction to formula since he didn't do it with me until 5 mins before he left and the next day he was fine. Thursday night we had a normal but quiet day, threw on the boys costumes and went trick-or-treating at Hy-Vee (will do again!) They gave out all sorts of treats, cookies, juice, apples, candy...

Off to have dinner with family which my youngest slept through and only had a breadstick. We did a little trick or treating in our neighborhood but were tired so we went up to cuddle in our bed and watch a movie. Here is where it really became an unforgettable night. The youngest, who only had a breadstick, just vomits all over our bed. No real warning except for seconds before saying I'm going to throw up. That was the start for us, got him cleaned up gave both a bath and sent them to bed and then we hear was always our warning sign that my baby brother was about to get sick. We run in to find him still sleeping and throwing up. Once cleaned up again we hear the cough except it's our oldest...oh no... yep two at one time not fun. Ended up putting his bean bag chair next to the toilet because he ended up getting it worse. He is great about usually making it to the toilet but he was also sleeping through it, later we found this is actually something that happened to the other family that caught it. Just no warning at all. My husband fell ill Friday night and oh we had tickets to a football game for Saturday that we had to give up :( Luckily mine was just nausea but not sure if I was sick or if it was because I forgot to eat most of Saturday and running on 4 hours of sleep in 48 hours doing laundry and disinfecting the house. Yes it was a very memorable weekend that I am still trying to catch up from. Pepto Bismal, crackers, arm n' hammer laundry detergent, and vinegar helped us make it through the weekend.

Handing out candy before we headed to bed...

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