Thursday, June 23, 2016

Like Riding A Bike

The end of May and all of June has been one fall after another but you have to just dust yourself off and keep on trying. This has become my motto and teaching my boys how to ride a bike has helped drill it into my day. This has not been the healthiest year for us. In fact it is probably the worst we have ever had but we must keep our heads up and powering through.

In May my youngest begged for me to teach him how to ride his bike, in order to do it though I made a deal with his older brother that he had to learn also. It may have turned into a bribe by saying we would buy him a new bike if he learned but he needed extra motivation. A couple years ago he had a bad bike accident that caused him not to refuse to learn without training wheels but also ever ride on the road or on hills.

We packed up the bike and headed to an empty parking lot because our street is pretty busy, bumpy and hilly and we have no sidewalks. My husband and I took turns so not to hurt our backs, only there for an hour but by the end of that hour...yep nothing maybe they were able to balance a little. We went and spent another hour later in the afternoon and they both were better at balancing and my oldest actually rode a time or two for a few feet.

The next weekend I took them to a school parking lot and my oldest just took off on his own riding. He didn't need help getting started or anything. It was that moment that you are proud and yet emotional because your baby is growing up. While big brother rode little brother learned how to cross the monkey bars.

Now both of them are riding the trails while I run next to them. We are working on the rules of the road and balancing with my younger. Hopefully soon he will learn how to brake and have a little more control over his bike. I am sure our neighbors get a laugh...maybe a video is best to describe this spectacle.

What I am amazed by is that my younger son has been going through some health issues. At the end of May we noticed blood in his stools and the need to go frequently after a trip to Urgent Care we were told he had cdiff but his symptoms have not really matched up to it and no one around him has caught it. Which is great except I know that with our life someone should have if it was this. There are many other factors that even caused the doctors to doubt this diagnosis. He has been through so much with meds, tests, blood draws...After 2 rounds of antibiotics there has not been much improvement so we will be seeing a specialist soon. 

Honestly if you had not been told he has been sick you would never know...well until he rides or runs for a bit and then has to go to the bathroom. Overall though no complaints and he is always hungry. As this has been going on I ended up getting an infection in a molar. Long story short we think it was a sinus infection that settled in my jaw and killed my tooth. Two Zpacks later and a root canal and I am doing SO much better.

We are getting so close to finishing the bathrooms, repairing the kitchen and bathroom wall/ceilings, and getting the house cleaned up again that it is making me so excited but we have a lot on our plate for the next week... 

Here is a sneak peak at the boys bathroom!

Can't wait to share but it will have to wait. Until then, Keep Smiling!

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