Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Combining the Boys' Room

A few months before I became pregnant we had already decided that the boys would share a bedroom. They had already been sharing beds pretty much for the last year and when they slept separately the youngest ended up coming into our room. Our hope was if they shared a room it would keep him from wondering into our bed.

We decided on converting our oldest son's room because it is one of the larger rooms.

When he was 2.5 we did a Curious George Theme...

He is now 9 and overdue for a makeover.

We decided to go with a Minecraft theme, a game they both love. Simplicity is my aim especially if we decide to move I don't want to have to repaint the whole room so we chose one wall to be a mural.

First we taped off squares on the "feature" wall, then we painted the lower half and all other walls Gliddens Pebble Gray (stone blocks). Followed by a layer of dirt blocks.

Luckily all the paint we used, with the exception of buying more Pebble Gray, was paint we had used on other projects.

After we painted the blue sky and removed all of the tape it was time for me to go in and hand paint the black lines. I am sure there was an easier and more effective way to do this besides using the laser level and a kind of steady hand but I didn't want to wait a few days for the paint to cure and to tape again. Plus in Minecraft it is pixilated anyway ;)

I had a hard time finding square sponges so we bought the round ones on a stick in various sizes and then cut them into a square. My husband did a great job of creating our coal, gold, and diamond blocks.

I loved how well it came out that I had a hard time putting the bed on that wall so we changed up the layout...not really an easy task and if I knew how well it would turn out I would have switched the feature wall to be the other end of the room. It all worked out though.

I found full size bunk beds on sale at Overstock.com for $430, oh and that included the navy blue comforter on bottom. Then we had to purchase another full size mattress but overall we spent a total of $700 on the room. Included in that was the bean bag chairs for their Christmas/Birthday gifts and the letters C&C for their YouTube channel. Everything else we reused from one of their rooms. Our plan is to go in and refinish the dressers but we are not in a hurry for those projects right now.

We started the project the first couple weeks of December and officially finished it on December 26. We recorded them seeing their room for the first time. You can see it here!

We have added an Ender Portal (chore chart) and plan to change a few other things like the picture above the bookcase. While we like it the vinyl does not stay on the wall. I have to go in daily to smooth it out.

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