Tuesday, August 4, 2015

School Room Part 2

While my husband was at work, or when he was home and I couldn't be of use, I started another project. I wanted something to hold the boys toys and conceal them. We have cubes but race and train tracks don't fit in them. I found a post on Kristen Duke Photography site that made me fall in love with her red dresser. So I set out in search of a dresser, and had to convince my husband of this idea. I found a dresser on craigslist for cheap $20.

I figure if it didn't turn out like I hoped then at least I wasn't out a huge amount, although hubby may not let me live it down.

I did not get the same paint as Kristen used so I sanded the dresser down, I just wanted to make sure it was rough enough to hold the paint. We used the same color and paint Sunflower in a satin finish as we did on the accent wall.

After it dried I applied a lacquer clear coat to give it the shine and try to protect it. Unfortunately it was right after this that we had our water issues and had to put stuff on top which stuck to it. I haven't went back over it as of yet but once I touch up a few other spots on the accent wall my plan is to redo it as well.

This is the finished room as of a couple months ago but will take updated pictures next week when we start school. We are adding a few things such as lego storage to the walls and a new table for the boys.

My husband built the cabinets from scratch and we used solid core doors to make the counter.

If you look closely you can see the access panels we installed to access the wall anchors for tightening and the water pressure regulator.

Over the last year the boys have had a lot of use out of the dresser and have a much easier time finding their toys as well as picking up. They loved the blocks from the last post so much that one of the drawers has become home for those as well.

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