Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School

Every year...okay so this is only our 3rd official year...I try to make the first day of school special. I always have a great plan in my head and maybe pinned out on Pinterest but execution is not my strong suit.

Granted for Kindergarten the boys had Hand, Foot, Mouth and it was raining outside. Last year their classroom was under construction and we had flooding but I did manage to make them pumpkin muffins. I also was babysitting.

This year I planned to make a special breakfast but both wanted something very simple...cereal and milk. They were also a bit grumpy so I let them play Minecraft for a bit while I cleaned and then next thing I knew it was lunch time. It rained right as we left to have a special lunch with daddy and I forgot the camera so we could take pictures at the park. Oh well we still fit them in once we got home.

So my youngest really wanted to start school this year but once I started prepping stuff for kindergarten I realized that preschool was still a better fit for him right now. He is still 4 after all. I just added worksheets and working more on his alphabet. So next year won't be as hard on us.

Then there is my 2nd grader. He has had a hard time transitioning back into school mode. He is also into, I will give you a death stare and only a small smile unless on his terms.

I will admit school has not been as easy to get back into. I have one eager to go and the other gets distracted easily. Even his favorite subject, math takes a long time to finish. But I have found that this year I can work on other things like folding laundry, cleaning the basement, or yesterday he brought his math outside and I planted flowers while he worked on it. This helps me not to get frustrated about the time it takes him and gives him more responsibility to finish on his own. I am still close by so if he has a question then I can answer and help as need be.

It is also REALLY nice to have all our school supplies in one room within reach so I don't have to have our desk and table covered in everything we need for that day. I have a feeling that within the next week we will all be back in sync.

This year we are still using the Sonlight curriculum which helps me so I don't have to worry about planning ahead. Especially since I get my fair share of coming up with stuff for my younger son. I also can reuse the curriculum for my younger with only the cost of getting new consumable items (things they write on or use up) For writing we use Handwriting Without Tears and math has been Singapore.

I think this is a great program for anyone that may be just starting out and trying to get a feeling for how to put together a curriculum, someone who doesn't want to think about planning, or is extremely busy and needs something that helps relieve some of the stress.

I fall into all 3, although not as much just starting out but with being a real estate agent, babysitting, taking care of the home, working out, home improvements, and trying my best to make sure God is put first...This helps. God is first when we sit down for school and helps us to refocus on life and our attitude towards what we will get out of the day.

If you want more information on Sonlight or homeschooling in general just let me know. For now have a Great day and remember to smile!

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