Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vacation + Diet = Wash

Anyone else have issues maintaining a diet while on vacation? What about not only a vacation but a road trip with extended family? Yep that was me this month. Maybe I shouldn't have made such an aggressive goal the week before we left for a whirlwind of a week.

While an amazing week we were eating quite a bit (maybe not the best food choices), sitting for extended periods of time, and not on the same schedule. We headed to Boise area and Yellowstone so we fell back an hour which messed with us more than we thought it would.

We are very scheduled when it comes to eating because my oldest son gets headaches if he doesn't eat within certain time frames. For instance lunch has to happen between 11-1 and dinner between 5-7. We aim to eat at the earlier times. Being off schedule adds stress to ones body trying to adjust and can cause snacking. 

Speaking of snacking boredom also added to this especially while driving back to our cabin every evening from Yellowstone trying to stay awake. Honestly on the drive out we did pretty well keeping our snacking to a minimum. It wasn't until we spent all day in Yellowstone and being active that we were exhausted and starving because it was way past our normal dinner time. We learned the hard way on Monday that we needed to help my son avoid headaches by packing pbj for the kids to eat until we got home and made dinner. Of course the smell made us all want to munch as well.

We also had those unexpected (overturned Semi =2.5 hr detour) things come up that caused us to eat out instead of cooking our planned dinners. Typically we were spending about 10 hours in the car each day with a few hikes and whatnot but there was A LOT of sitting. I don't know about you but sitting means swelling.

All in all I would do it over again in a heartbeat even if instead of losing weight I gained 5lbs. It came off pretty easy. We came home 2 weeks ago and I am down a pound from my original weight, so 6lbs down since the end of vacation.

I would say that 3 pounds was attributed to water weight since it came off within the first week. My husband managed to not gain anything but both of us felt bloated and just plain icky. I have found that I can't wear most of my clothes without having a pudgy tummy. And my energy level has just been a big thumbs down.

Now I have to admit I think it has been a huge shock to my system coming from 70's with low humidity to 100 with 98% humidity and trying to catch up on all the cleaning, yard work, and real estate. That is still not an excuse I am happy with, so I took a week to rest up and adjust back to our time zone. The next week I caught up on housework, laundry, and preparing for next month (school). As I was on Facebook an add popped up for a local gym. 3 months for 2 people for $199! 

We have looked into this gym before but $119/month (with a discount) was never in our budget and I wouldn't want to be locked in for 12 months so for only being 3 months it was very appealing. Of course I couldn't make the decision on my own as I needed a 2nd person, and my husband was my first choice. After a little convincing he agreed especially knowing that they provide babysitting.

Saturday we signed up. We didn't stay long because we had a full schedule but we did get to run together. This may sound like you can do that outside it was nice because we run at 2 very different paces. My husband is just starting and while I am willing to run with him he doesn't like feeling like he is holding me back.

Sunday we went back to another location and started a 4 week program. I won't lie it was very overwhelming trying to find the machines we needed and figuring out how they work. We went back today and it was busier but we knew what machines we needed and ended up getting through it in an hour without waiting for anything. Very sore but it feels good!

Weight loss is not just routine and nutrition but also a positive mindset. I think we are finally finding that mindset by getting our home organized, spending quality time together, and getting that workout and nutrition on track. And if you are wondering if we are still using the book "The 3-1-2-1 Diet" by Dolvette Quince, we are...sort of. We are using it as a resource and guide but not strictly following it. By the end of August I'll give another update, and hopefully there will be more to post. For now here is my end of vacation and start of the weight loss journey photo for my husband and I.

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