Monday, January 26, 2015

Starting Again...

I think that was my title when I first started this blog a couple years ago. Here we are again, last year was hard keeping up and this year I have had plenty of time but not much to say...That and all I (we) have done is sit in bed sick with the flu.

We started the year out by grocery shopping for our new healthy lifestyle, swearing off soda, and exercising. By January 6th I was so dizzy I couldn't sit up in bed. Of course this was suppose to be an amazing week for us, had a babysitter and a plan to celebrate our 10th anniversary and instead I end up in urgent care :/

Well unintentionally it has helped me jump start my diet although I haven't been able to work out and I'm just getting back to running. My running partner is so understanding but I feel bad that I can only make it 2 slower miles and then have to walk a bit and by mile 3 I'm in a coughing fit, dizzy, and ready for bed. Today though I did much better, on my own and still slower but I made it 2.1 miles (really it is an accomplishment) and no coughing, dizzy, or exhaustion.

My poor husband had been well the first 2 weeks that the kids and I were down but last week he was sick with the flu and yesterday ended up with pink both eyes :/ I don't like wishing time away but I am ready for January to be over. I have a great friend who dropped by with some essential oils to try and help him recover and test them out. I'm excited to see how they work.

I will try to get back on sooner rather than later and update about some of the house projects we did last year that even after promising never posted. And I will keep you updated about our progress on getting healthier in all aspects of our life.

My first goal is to get back down to what I was in the picture above. I had gained quite a bit of weight in college started working loading packages at UPS and dropped about half of it only to gain it back plus more after marriage and children. So far I am down 8 lbs and have 29 lbs to go for my first goal/evaluation. I may decide to go another 10 after that but it depends on how I feel and look at that time. If you use add me as your friend, I would love the motivation!

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