Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On a roll...

It seems with sick kids and now a sick husband I have more to blog, either that or I have free time while they sleep. Now I am the only one left standing in our house that has yet to fight this icky virus but hopefully keeping up with my exercising and trying to eat healthier will be enough to avoid it all together.

If you have never had or been around someone who has "Hand Foot Mouth" then you may think your child just broke out in hives. Luckily we knew without having to take our boys in because the little boy I watch was diagnosed and ours followed the exact same pattern. Here is a link for more info: http://www.medicinenet.com/hand-foot-and-mouth_syndrome/article.htm My nephew had it when he was only 3 months old but I had never seen it in person now I can say 4 times in plenty for me.

While everyone was sleeping today I was on a roll not only blogging but also cleaning, catching up on randomness, and being bored. Finally decided to go for a run...I should have known. There are a few signs that something is going to go wrong when:
  1. I put on a new running outfit.
  2. My phone is half charged.
  3. I remember to take water
  4. Not taking kids
  5. Feel like I could run the first 2 miles without walking much.
Yep every sign was there screaming don't do it but unless I wanted to dig deeper cleaning there was very little for me to want to put effort towards. I made it to a very busy 4 way stop a little more than a mile into the run and about to go down a steep hill, this isn't a new route, but the house on the corner was watering the lawn. I didn't think anything of it and made my first step when I realized it was mud slick as snot. Going into the splits I managed to avoid getting my phone and water in it but I can't say much for my back side or the pride. Many cars got have quite the laugh as I fell and as I finally gathered my thoughts and decided to cut the run short and run home. I didn't know how bad it was, I could only fear the worst but by the time I got home the mud was dried but my skirt/pants were still soaked.

So what is your most embarrassing moment working out?

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