Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day Of School

Every time I imagined the first day of school I pictured us getting up, dressed, fed and the house all clean ready to start this new adventure and then...that is not what happened AT ALL. In fact I was more confused than I was 3 months ago when we decided that homeschooling was the way to go this year.

Lets back up to last week. We have been working hard on our kitchen so we can focus on another project when we get home from vacation but the way our vacation falls wanted to start school before then to. I prepped all our books for the first week, gathered any other materials we may need, and started getting everyone on a routine to help me keep the house clean.

It was going great and even better other things were falling into place, working out, eating healthier together, and going to bed at a decent time until Friday. My youngest woke up feeling warm, a little boy I watch had been sick the last few days but its a normal thing for kids to pass around germs. By Friday afternoon the little boy was at the doctor and finding out he had Hand Foot Mouth Syndrome... my heart sunk not that we can't deal with the kids getting sick but knowing it was so close to school. I know it may sound a bit selfish but everyone was getting so excited. By Sunday evening it was confirmed that both my boys had it as well, I feel horrible for what all 3 are going through but happy to know it should be ending soon.

With high fevers (101-104) it was hard to do anything and we were at the point of thinking about postponing but the kids really wanted to start. Late last night I decided to be more flexible and aim for this afternoon. It actually went really well for doing this. I was able to exercise and run before my oldest woke up after 9am and then we went to have a good lunch and shopping for a few more school supplies before coming home and starting.

While it wasn't what I had pictured we did have fun. It had been pouring down all morning so I let them put on their raincoats and we took school pictures outside and then headed downstairs.
Being Silly

Still not feeling great

Ready for School

My boys are 5 and 2, the youngest loves to do whatever big brother does so it makes teaching a little easier. We started with the Pledge of Allegiance and then our Sonlight Core A curriculum and Hands On Homeschooling age 2. All in all we got home at 12:15 and done with school by 1:45. While having to be redirected frequently it did go smoothly until I went to start gathering tomorrows books.

Who would have thought that I could do okay for day 1 and freak out about day 2 when all I was trying to do was organize. I blame part of it on our printer ink not working in our printer because after so much research people were saying to just copy the pages which makes sense to me but a little overwhelming that I didn't do it before now. Then I realized that the math wasn't included in the schedule and started freaking out how to integrate it. Really not a big deal but yet lack of sleep (I was to excited to sleep) and putting extra pressure on myself to make this flow seamlessly I realized I just needed to blog about it.

Well first day of kindergarten and preschool completed and that is a huge success in itself. As soon as I figure out a rhythm I'll let you know and if you have any advice or tips especially for organizing please comment. Guess I should get to cleaning and making dinner.

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