Monday, July 31, 2017

Baby #3 Update

I figure it is time for an update..considering the last time was when we announced in April. This pregnancy has been so different than with my first 2.

In the beginning it was an adjustment. Believe me we wanted another just after 4 years of trying we thought that it probably was not going to happen and we were ok with it. Then came the positive test and rush of realization. In ways it was the disbelief and then the thought of such a big gap between the boys and this baby, and I'm not going to lie it is still there but I also know I'll have 2 big helpers.

13 Weeks
So much was happening at one time we decided to just take it one day at a flew by fast. With finishing school, helping my sis with my niece, soccer, family gatherings, graduation, oh yeah the race, and trying to get things back together to start the new school year. Well here we are at 30 weeks and looking at the possibility of meeting our little guy in 7-10 weeks!

15 Weeks

We found out we were having a boy at 20 weeks. It took some time for one of the older boys to be okay with it but once he was now we all are excited for him to arrive.

28 Weeks
I have been sick during this pregnancy, not just at the beginning but as of this morning I still get sick. There are triggers but sometimes it is something I wouldn't expect. Until the last week most still didn't know I was expecting, just looked like I was gaining weight. Maybe next post I'll do an updated pic but right now I am very comfortable in my spot ;)

So far all is well and healthy, I still manage to get my Refit class in on Monday nights, run occasionally but right now most of my free time is devoted to house projects.

Now that the classroom is ready for school again we can concentrate on getting baby's room together, the hospital back, oh and probably should get a car seat. Like I said life has helped time pass that my husband forgot to tell some at his work that we are expecting. They found out when he was talking about being gone for a month. Now for that nap :)

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