Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Little Bit in Everything in October

While the days may have flown by the last few months...How in the world is it already almost Christmas!?! I don't want you to think I forgot about posting. Here are a few things that have kept us in "Chaos" 😏

When October started I didn't foresee what all was about to happen. I was very happy that I actually was on top of my fall decorating. The boys grew pumpkins (by accident) but we ended up with over 100. We sold quite a few of them but had enough to decorate with...although they had to be inside due to squirrels thinking they were a delicacy.

We also scored a deal on the largest mums I have seen at Sam's Club. $30 and my pots were filled.

We were suppose to have our sewer line replaced in September but with rain their other projects were pushed back meaning ours was pushed back until October. At this point I didn't care as long as it got done before winter.

It was perfect timing because rain and cold set in pretty quick afterwards. They started at 8am and finished before 3pm. Very impressed with their efficiency and willingness to show the kids what they were doing. Of course they (along with neighbors) were plastered to the windows watching.

We had been told the line was broken but after digging it up the issue looked like it was laid running uphill which caused the backup in our house. It did have a break but not enough to cause the issues we have been having.

So if we would have went for the more expensive option "relining" it wouldn't have worked completely and we would have ended up replacing anyway.

The boys were set on being Darth Vader and Kylo Ren for Halloween. I was kind of against it at first because I had other ideas but it saved me time and they pulled it off very well.

In Columbia we have downtown trick-or-treating the Friday before Halloween. I was afraid there would be tons of similar costumes but we ran into only maybe 3 others. I was exhausted by the end, had a closing right before and it reached 80 for the high.

My family came for the weekend to watch the boys last soccer games.

I think they had just scored. Both boys were good about not caring if they won or lost but excited when their teams did score.

We ended by our annual trip to Shryock's Corn Maze.

Always a fun time, we made it out just before dark and found all the checkpoints!

Well that is a quick summation of October 😜

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