Monday, December 9, 2013

Supporting our Home Team

It may be a little more obvious after this post that we reside in a college town. I moved here for college and met my husband. We built a life here and while I am a Mizzou Alum had only been to one football game before this year. But this year has been different...knowing several of the athletes in not only football but volleyball as well we wanted to show our support especially since a couple are seniors.

First up was Florida vs Mizzou! Started out as a chilly morning but turned into a beautiful day as we watched the Gators fall at the Zou. This was the boys first college football game so we grabbed a few passes to a tailgate before heading in. We sat on the Hill, for the game we were very happy with our seats.


 Our youngest knows no stranger as you can tell from the picture above. This game was in October which is why everyone is in Pink.

Great game unfortunately we didn't get to watch one of our friends due to him being injured.

 The week of Thanksgiving was huge for games. We started out on Friday Nov 22 with a volleyball game. The boys got to go down and greet the players as they were announced. It has been 8 years since the last time I had been in this building and it was for my college graduation.

 It was a packed house that night, in fact it broke attendance records with almost 8,000 people. It was only one of many things to be recorded into history that night.

 Our oldest was trying to figure out how the game worked. It is not an easy game to explain to a 5 year old besides "don't let the ball hit the ground"

Last Play before Mizzou won!

 So here are a few other moments in history made:
1) Undefeated, I believe it was 31 games at this point (they went on to finish the year 35-1) The last game they played was their only loss for the season.
2) First SEC Championship won for the school (we have only been apart of the SEC for 2 years)
 Found some of our friends who were also at the game only because our two year old wondered off. He was standing by me and as a person passed between us he followed. I thought he ran under the stage and couldn't find him, luckily we ran into one friend who passed word on to the rest of the gang to help search. Well we finally found him...

Must give credit to one of the volleyball player's mothers for taking this picture and sending it to me. He found Truman and was attached for the rest of the night. I would lead him away but the cheerleaders and "bodyguards" were so nice and loved watching him with Truman.

Saying goodbye to Truman one last time.

 Can't forget Molly, the reason we were there, an incredible athlete and person. So happy we were able to celebrate with her.

That following Monday Nov 25 we ended up winning tickets to the Men's basketball game (how did I go 10 years going to only 1 sporting event and then in a month hit 3 (husband went to 2 more) and it would have been 4 if we did get the stomach bug on Halloween.

Sorry not a whole lot for this game, maybe because we didn't know any of the players but we did have a lot of fun.

Last up was Mizzou Football Senior Night! I didn't get to go to this game but my husband did. It was perfect timing since it was cold out a babysitter was needed for the children so we volunteered. Well it was "we" until we were told an extra ticket was available to sit with the Franklin's. It was a bit of a whirlwind day because my parents were still in from Thanksgiving and helping to complete some unfinished projects. As soon as we got the call they were on the way to drop the kids off my parents left and Mark was getting ready to head out as well.

The Hill, where we sat for the first game but it wasn't nearly as packed.

Senior Night the parents line up to greet their player

There are more pictures to this but it is their "handshake" dance
Nail biter of a game but they pulled it off. On the other hand I didn't find any pictures of the actual game... Oh well. I'll post a few more pictures of after the game and the adorable kids I got to spend the evening with tomorrow but for now its off to bed.

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