Saturday, February 2, 2013

Starting New

Most hit the refresh button on the first of the year and while I/we did it is just starting to really take place. See the first week of January went nothing like I expected, Mark and I had started exercising together, planned to eat healthier, wanted to run together, get the house remodeled, and organize our lives both physically and spiritually.

Then the first phone call came and it was a reminder that I was starting this year babysitting. Don't get me wrong I am very helpful and it truly has been a blessing for our family it just caught me off guard that the precious baby boy was going to be joining our family fun starting the next day. Then during the first official day of watching him, I fell down the stairs and most likely broke a few toes which meant no exercising. Now you are starting to see how the year quickly started to change.

I pushed the envelope a bit and tried to get back to running the next week but taking it easy and it seemed to be working. Seemed is always a clue word for something else and of course that something else was that I overcompensated keeping the weight off my left foot and injured my right knee. Ugh all I wanted to do was get back to a routine that was before the holidays.

The bonus to being injured is that you can't move much so instead I started organizing and cleaning our office. Inevitably it also included organizing our kitchen. I have really enjoyed following Home-Storage-Solutions-101 for tips on how to declutter without feeling overwhelmed.  She helped last year so this year so far has been a breeze, minus the office which was still a mess from the remodel.

January quickly turned into a month of surprises! Even though some may have seemed a burden at first they really have turned into life changing events that have actually already started marking off my mental list of "resolutions". The baby has helped my boys become more caring and loving, we could not imagine not having him around, along with a few unexpected expenses that came up when my computer decided to do the dreaded "blue screen". Falling made me slow down and focus on a few on prioritizing our life, real estate getting busy is showing the upside of the market is in reach. Unexpected conference came up but it means we get to plan a family vacation to go with it and finally changes in our school district made us finally make a decision as to what we plan to do as my oldest starts school next year.

I started this blog, sorry so long, thinking I hadn't started anything yet this year but ending it figuring out that it has made a huge change already and I am looking forward to what February has in store. It has already brought me around to getting back to writing a blog. While at the moment it will be things that just strikes me I am interested in knowing if there is anything in particular you are interested in.

Until next time remember to smile.

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